About What’s Up Tesla

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Gail Alfar

Gail (gaelic) has a bachelor of art in film/radio/tv and bachelor of science in nursing.
She has worked for years caring for all ages of people with many diagnoses in over 5 hospitals and schools around the Texas hill country.
Originally from North Dakota, she is now based in Austin and writes about sustainable energy and maintains a nursing practice.

Sarah Alfar

Sarah Alfar is editor and consultant for What’s Up Tesla. She is very excited about the future of Tesla and SpaceX. Sarah has exceptional and original creative ability and is an enthusiastic and valuable contributor to What’s Up Tesla.

Joe Tegtmeyer

Joe Tegtmeyer served in the US Air Force. He is a Tesla and SpaceX enthusiast. Joe operates a drone that has recorded the construction of Gigafactory Texas since the beginning, his material is occasionally shared on this blog.