Tesla Charging, Image Courtesy Tesla, Inc.

Tesla and Ford Join Forces to Accelerate EV Adoption: Supercharger Collaboration and NACS Integration

“Telsa IS Philanthropy” – Elon Musk

(Austin, Texas) In a significant move towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting sustainable transportation, Tesla and Ford have announced a strategic partnership. 

Elon Musk shared his vision for the Tesla Supercharger Network on a live Twitter Space.

Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has been described as an easily adoptable interface, positioning it as a potential public standard. This article looks at the details of this collaboration, highlighting Elon Musk’s statements and Tesla’s perspective on the NACS.


Jim Farley announced that,

“In early 2024 all Ford EV existing and future customers will have access to 12,000 Tesla high speed Superchargers across the USA.”  

Farley also said one year later, Ford EVs will have the North American Charging Standard (NACS) interface.  

Ford has been working with the Tesla team and Farley thanked Elon for that.


During the discussion with Jim Farley, CEO of  Ford, on the Twitter Space, Elon spoke regarding the Tesla Supercharger Network. Elon emphasized, 

“We don’t want the Tesla Supercharger Network to be like a walled garden, we want it to be something that is supportive of electrification and sustainable transport in general.” 

Elon expressed appreciation for Ford’s interest in partnering with Tesla on this front and affirmed the Tesla team’s intention to provide full support to Ford, ensuring that they are on equal footing at Tesla Superchargers. 

I can personally attest that in Texas there is plenty of room for more vehicles to charge at Buc-ee’s locations!


Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has gained attention for its flexibility and compatibility. Described as a purely electrical and mechanical interface, NACS remains agnostic to use case and communication protocol. 

This versatility makes it straightforward to adopt across different EV models. Notably, Tesla has made the design and specification files of the NACS available for download, actively engaging with relevant standards bodies to establish its charging connector as a potential public standard. 

This move reflects Tesla’s outstanding commitment to promoting interoperability and widespread adoption of charging infrastructure. 

Is the Tesla-Ford Partnership Revolutionizing EV Adoption and Sustainable Transport?

Yes! The partnership between Tesla and Ford signifies a huge stride towards accelerating EV adoption and promoting sustainable transport. 

Living in Texas, where pick-up trucks dominate the roads, I have firsthand experience that highlights the pressing need to accelerate the adoption of EVs.  I drive across Austin daily, and am surrounded by combustion engine cars and pick-up trucks.  Texas is known as Truck Country by some.  

I can’t help but reflect on the tremendous work required to transition to a more sustainable transportation system. In light of this, the announcement of the partnership between Tesla and Ford struck me as a brilliant move.

From my perspective, Tesla, with its exceptional engineering talent, is demonstrating philanthropy by sharing its expertise to support Ford and advance the cause of electrification. 

Tesla’s NACS offers a straightforward and potentially public standard that fosters compatibility and interoperability among different charging connectors. As these initiatives unfold, the future of electric mobility becomes increasingly promising, with shared efforts aimed at building a beautiful, greener and more sustainable economy. 

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Article by Gail Alfar, please credit accordingly. Images Courtesy Tesla, Inc. and Ford, Inc.

Road Trip to a California Beach

Take a Spring Road Trip in Your Beautiful Tesla

Road Trip to a California Beach
Road Trip to a California Beach. Image Courtesy @BLKMDL3 on Twitter

Welcome back to my blog, I can’t believe I’m going on 15 months of the pleasure of writing this blog for you. It’s springtime and it’s a great time to plan a road trip, long or short. When you have a Tesla, you likely hear people respond a bit surprised when you talk about road-tripping in your beautiful car. There’s never a reason to stress when traveling in your Tesla on long journeys, Tesla makes it easy. Tesla recently tweeted, “You decide where you want to go — your Tesla will automatically include charging stops along the way.”

I’m going to share some inspiration and highlights of the beauty of Tesla road trips, and encourage you to take a road trip this Spring!

The Playlist

Whether you travel with your family, a friend or alone, finding a good playlist is pretty easy in your Tesla. The difficulty is getting everybody to agree on what they want to listen to. I found a way to make peace with my teen by agreeing to certain times we can both play music, and at other times we would just keep the music off.

My favorite compromise is when my teenager is happy in the back area of the car and I’m in the front with my favorite music playing just on the front speakers for enough for me to hear. I can usually convince my teenager to put some kind of headphones on so he doesn’t have to listen to my music and get a headache.

A Tesla owner takes a road trip to a castle image courtesy @memesofmars on Twitter
A Tesla owner takes a road trip to a castle image courtesy @memesofmars on Twitter

Eating & Charging

These are the two most important parts of a road trip because it is your opportunity to refuel yourself and your family and charge up your Tesla.

For this, my favorite hack is to stop at Buc-ee’s for the supercharging, food and great bathrooms.  Buc-ee’s is not always an option so here are some other suggestions:

  • tap the “ I’m Hungry “ button on Tesla maps
  • grocery stores like H-E-B in Texas have great Takeaway meals like salads, sushi and all kinds of sandwiches
  • your time with your kid/teenager is precious and rare, sometimes it’s nice to spoil them and let them be in full control of the cuisine

What sites to see? Where should we sleep?

Often you have a reason for traveling like heading down to South Texas to see the first Starship launch. You know exactly what you’re doing. But there’s also a beauty in aimlessly traveling, and wanting to hit the road, like Bob Dylan sang, “On the road again, just can’t wait to get back on the road again. Goin’ places that I’ve never been.”

David Searing took his Tesla to Starbase, Texas to see the Starships.
David Searing took his Tesla to Starbase, Texas to see the Starships. Image courtesy @dsearing on Twitter
Bob Walker likes to travel with his dog in his Tesla
Bob Walker likes to travel with his dog in his Tesla. Image Courtesy @rwalker1072 on Twitter

I encourage you to get off the beaten path and try visiting some small towns and places you may not have planned to see. Or try the opposite action theory. I figure out what I don’t want to do and then I do the opposite and then I’m always happy that I did it.  In my years as a Certified Psych Nurse I learned this is good for all people and my patients. 

(Opposite action is a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skill that involves choosing to do exactly the opposite of what your emotions tell you to do)


This may sound counterintuitive because if you are like me, you like to plan out every detail of your trip. I encourage you not to plan every single day. Instead, “nonplan” a trip.  Try watching a few movies and reading some books before you go for inspiration. Here’s a list,

  • Read “On the Road” by Kerouac
  • Read “The Wangs vs. the World” by Jade Chang
  • Watch “National Lampoons Vacation” 1983
  • Watch “Nomadland” 2020
  • Watch “Green Book” 2018
  • Diary of a Wimpy kid: The Long Haul, 2017

Set your gorgeous Tesla on autopilot and kick back and enjoy the road!

David loves to take his Tesla to the Mountains.
David loves to take his Tesla to the Mountains. Image courtesy @dsdavies1 on Twitter


Here are some of my unorthodox hacks. These hacks and others make me want to be the designated driver in the Tesla,

  1. Stretching out your feet because you don’t really need to be using the Accelerator or Brake pedal when you’re on autopilot
  2. Stretching exercises – being weird is ok
  3. Kicking back in a seat position that is super comfortable… sans shoes!
  4. Just making up my mind to not use my phone at all. I tap into the myriad of thoughts I may not have thought of if I could use my phone. It’s interesting and valuable thinking time, and it’s necessary in a Tesla for this time in history because right now if we don’t look at the road at all times we will get … a dreaded Strike!

Tesla’s Official Website Has Important Summer Driving Tips

Climate Control Features, Accessories, and Tires are all critical factors when traveling in your Tesla in hot weather. Be sure to check out Tesla’s Support page titled “Summer Driving Tips.

Want more travel information and tips from previous articles?

Tesla Summer Travel Trip Relax, imagine where you might drive to, grab an ice-cold Southern Sweet Tea, and enjoy these tips.

Model Y: Two Big Road Trip Advantages Tesla owner and founder of Scentwedge Arash Malek returned from a road trip in a Model Y.  He and his family toured some remote areas in Iceland and here is our conversation.

Image Austin Frost Bank building at Sunset, March 2023 courtesy Aerial Austin Drone Photographers
Image Austin Frost Bank building at Sunset, March 2023 courtesy Aerial Austin Drone Photographers

Gail Alfar, author. Exclusive to What’s Up Tesla – March 25, 2023. All Rights Reserved. My goal as an author is to support Tesla and Elon Musk in both making life better on earth for humans and becoming a space-fairing civilization. Header image Courtesy Tesla, Inc.

A white Tesla charges up at Superchargers

Breaking down Tesla’s 6+ businesses, comparing them to a traditional car company

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s post. I am sharing part of Elon Musk‘s words from the All-In Summit on May 16, 2022. The reason I’m focusing on this in today’s post is that I believe Elon explains what Tesla is in an easy-to-understand way. We are all transitioning away from fossil fuels and into a clean energy future involving solar, wind, battery storage, and electric vehicles.

I believe that after reading this you will be inspired to see the future in a more positive way. So find a cool spot, grab an iced beverage, and enjoy!

A white Tesla charges up at Superchargers
Tesla Supercharging Network [Credit: Tesla]

When Elon Musk spoke at the All-In Summit on May 16, he detailed how Tesla is 6+ businesses. Below is Elon’s response to the question: Could you just explain to people all these companies inside this super-company just so folks have a sense of what had to be done to get here? 

"Okay, I mean this question requires thought and I’ll probably be leaving out quite a few things but if you look and see what does a typical car company do, what they do is they assemble vehicles and they send them to dealers and they manage the supply chain. They might make the engine, they typically will make the engine but most of the parts are made by suppliers and a lot of the actual technology development is done by suppliers, and most of the vehicle software is done by suppliers, so the actual amount of a real work done by car companies - what you think of as GM or Ford - is not actually that much. They don’t do sales, they don’t do service."  

Tesla Sales, Service, Supercharging Network

"So in the case of Tesla for example we do our own sales and service. We don’t have dealerships. Tesla also has by far the biggest network of superchargers, the electric equivalent of gas stations.  We built the entire global supercharger network, which is still the most advanced and by far the best way to charge your car when traveling long distances or if you live in a city and don’t have the ability to charge your car because of street parking or an apartment. We developed the Supercharger network, and we deployed it I think we have around 15,000 superchargers globally.  You can travel anywhere in America right now with the Tesla supercharger network."

Tesla Vertical Integration

"In terms of vertical integration, we make the battery pack, and the power electronics, the drive unit.  We are more integrated into the parts, we actually make so much of the car internally, we’re vertically integrated, not necessarily because we think that there is some religious reason to be vertically integrated, but because the pace we needed to move is much faster than the supply chain could move.  To the degree that you inherit the legacy supply chain, you inherit the legacy constraints including their speed, cost, and technology."

Tesla Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence

"Tesla is as much a software company as it is a hardware company.  The software that runs in a Tesla operates the car, operates the screen, does the charging, and all of that stuff is developed by Tesla. And so we have sort of a ‘Tesla OS’ in the car." 

“Very importantly, Tesla has built an autopilot AI team from scratch that is the best real-world AI team on earth and if anyone else has got a better one I’d like to see it demonstrated in a car.” 

"The full self-driving beta at this point very often can take you with zero interventions across the Bay Area from San Jose to Marin so through complex traffic it’s really quite sophisticated and I invite anyone to join the beta or look at the videos of those who are in the beta.  We’ve got like 100,000 people in the beta so it's not tiny.  We’ll be expanding the beta to about a million people or on that order by the end of the year."  

Tesla Chip Team

"We also built a chip team because there wasn’t the hardware that we could run the friggin AI on. We couldn’t just fill the trunk with a whole bunch of GPUs.  That would’ve been very expensive and take massive amounts of power and cooling just to do what Tesla designed full self-driving computer can do." 

“We started chip team from scratch and it was the best in the world and still is the best in the world several years later.”

Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

"We’re also designing a dojo supercomputer to be able to process all video that's coming in from billions of miles of data, because, just sort of like the way that its critical to compete with Google because they have so much data and they have all the people doing searches all the time and humanity is training it.  The same is true of Tesla.  You really need billions of miles and ultimately tens of billions of miles of training data combined with sort of a vast training computer and then optimize inference hardware in the car and state of the art AI in training, and specialized software across-the-board to be able to achieve a full self-driving solution."  

Tesla Insurance

"Insurance is quite significant.  The car insurance thing is a bigger deal than it may seem.  A lot of people are paying 30% to 40% as much as their lease payment for the car in car insurance.  The car insurance industry is incredibly inefficient because to put it this way, you’ve got so many middle entities from the insurance agent all the way to the final set of reinsures each taking a cut."  

“The car insurance thing is a bigger deal than it may seem.”

"It's all very statistical so that even if you are a very good driver, you could be like 20 years old and a great driver but it's all statistical so you either can’t get insurance or it's extremely expensive.  Tesla allows for real-time insurance based on how you actually drive the car.  If you drive the car in a safer way you actually have lower insurance.  So our insurance is based on how you actually drive not how historically people fit your demographic drive and you close the loop around your insurance rate by simply driving better and looking at your score and lowering your insurance in real-time and people do it.   It actually promotes safer driving."

A Brief Summary

Elon Musk highlighted why Tesla is unlike any other company involved in vehicle production.  He spoke about the importance of Tesla Sales, Service, and the Global Supercharging Network.  Tesla’s vertical integration model, as well as Tesla Software, Tesla Hardware, Chip Team, and Tesla AI are unprecedented.  Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer work will serve to usher in an age of vehicle autonomy.  Tesla Insurance is also an integral part of why Tesla is so unique.  The insurance allows for younger (and also older) drivers a rate based on how they actually drive.  The All-In Summit was a good opportunity for people to hear Elon speak, and to consider being “all-in” for Tesla!

The All-In Summit was hosted by Chamath Palihapitiya, jason@calacanis.com, David Sacks, and David Friedberg. You can follow Jason Calacanis on Twitter and be one of his Besties!

Elon Musk talks at All-In Summit. [Photo credit: Juilian Hosp]

When I bought my Model 3 in 2019, I joined a community of many people who love Tesla. Every time I drive my Tesla around my hometown Austin, Texas, I’m reminded of the extraordinary effort that is put into making Tesla succeed. In January 2022, I started this blog to write positive things about Tesla and Elon Musk. I’m thankful to Johnna Crider for supporting and encouraging me to start this blog. 

You can read more about Tesla Insurance here and you can read about how Tesla owners feel about full self-driving here. Thank you!  

Gail Alfar, [Edited by Sarah Alfar] Exclusive to What’s Up Tesla – All Rights Reserved. May 21, 2022


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Supercharging A Brighter Future

Tesla Decanter in Austin, Texas

In this blog post, I share how Tesla Supercharging is changing your world for the better. In addition, I share my vision of the future that today’s children will live to experience. So grab a cup of coffee & enjoy this quick read!

On February 28, 2022, Tesla opened up free Supercharging in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Supercharging is available in areas affected by the recent situation in Ukraine for both Teslas, and non-Tesla vehicles.

Austin, Texas and the surrounding area has rapidly gone from having three Supercharger stations in 2020 to eleven in 2022. Moreover, Tesla plans to add eight more to that number this year!

Tesla consistently demonstrates that they are capable of building Superchargers at a very fast rate. Their Tesla Charging Twitter account is evidence that they are adding up to six or more per day. This matters because Tesla has plans to welcome other electric cars to use their Superchargers.

Tesla Supercharging is for non-Teslas too

In a move that may have surprised some, Elon Musk emphasized to Marques Brownlee (in a tweet right before Christmas 2020) that Tesla was making superchargers accessible to other electric cars.

Elon Musk on Twitter

Tesla Charging in the Netherlands

In late 2021, Tesla opened ten Supercharger stations to non-Teslas in the Netherlands. This trial run or pilot program turned out to be a success. Soon after, on Valentine’s Day 2022 Tesla opened up ALL of its Superchargers in the Netherlands to non-Teslas!  The Netherlands was a beautiful place to begin the pilot program that Elon Musk referred to back in December 2020.

Tesla’s website states other electric vehicles can supercharge in France, Norway, Germany, and Belgium.

Here, Tesla explains their ambition behind providing Supercharging for all:

Our ambition has always been to open the Supercharger network to Non-Tesla electric cars in order to encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric driving. 
This fits in seamlessly with our mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.  
The more customers use the Supercharger network, the faster we can expand the network. 
Our goal is to quickly gain experience and make any necessary adjustments. 
In addition, we will continue to rapidly expand our network so that hopefully we can welcome both Tesla owners and Non-Tesla drivers around the world to our Superchargers in the future. 

An Act of Kindness and Generosity

Although I am a mom of five kids, it’s important for me to think about all kids. Along the same lines, Tesla cares about both Teslas and non-Teslas. I’d like to leave this world behind someday, with warm thoughts that the future will be positive for many people to come, not just my own kids.

Allow me to share the futuristic scenario I envision about our interesting time of transition:

A Human of the Future Looks Back at our Time of Transition

As it became cheaper to manufacture electric cars, factories assembling combustion cars slowly grinded to a halt.  Accordingly, automakers sought valuable help from Tesla’s vehicle division. Tesla kindly assisted them in any way possible to build their own electric vehicles. 

It was a rarity to see gas cars and gas stations had become supercharging centers, keeping just a few pumps open for an occasional combustion car. Naturally, it was mostly Teslas that were charging with a scattering of other makes that included Ford, Volkswagen and others.

Once in a while, there would come along somebody with a memory of the past, when most vehicles ran on gasoline, paid for in obsolete dollars. It wasn’t so much nostalgia that was interesting in these stories, but wondering, how challenging it must have been to buy things before Dogecoin. Why did vehicles with such complicated motors take on such a big role in the past? 

China was respected for leading the way with two Tesla gigafactories.  

Rather than thinking of it as just financial incentive driving business, people began to realize that driving electric vehicles and living in a situation with sustainable energy leads to greater overall happiness. 

If happiness is the goal, people tend to want to enjoy the days, stretching them out to enjoy every ray of sun, every minute that they can. Things like the arts flourish, music, painting, dance and writing. 

What a Beautiful Future We Have

You are here because you love what Tesla is doing. You may own a share of TSLA, know someone who works at Tesla, drive a Tesla, or know of a neighbor who has a Tesla Solar Roof, in any case, your life is likely somehow already connected with Tesla. Thanks for your support!

Photo of Amsterdam by Viv/Twitter

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Gail Alfar, Exclusive to What’s Up Tesla – All Rights Reserved.


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