Tesla Charging, Image Courtesy Tesla, Inc.

Tesla and Ford Join Forces to Accelerate EV Adoption: Supercharger Collaboration and NACS Integration

“Telsa IS Philanthropy” – Elon Musk

(Austin, Texas) In a significant move towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting sustainable transportation, Tesla and Ford have announced a strategic partnership. 

Elon Musk shared his vision for the Tesla Supercharger Network on a live Twitter Space.

Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has been described as an easily adoptable interface, positioning it as a potential public standard. This article looks at the details of this collaboration, highlighting Elon Musk’s statements and Tesla’s perspective on the NACS.


Jim Farley announced that,

“In early 2024 all Ford EV existing and future customers will have access to 12,000 Tesla high speed Superchargers across the USA.”  

Farley also said one year later, Ford EVs will have the North American Charging Standard (NACS) interface.  

Ford has been working with the Tesla team and Farley thanked Elon for that.


During the discussion with Jim Farley, CEO of  Ford, on the Twitter Space, Elon spoke regarding the Tesla Supercharger Network. Elon emphasized, 

“We don’t want the Tesla Supercharger Network to be like a walled garden, we want it to be something that is supportive of electrification and sustainable transport in general.” 

Elon expressed appreciation for Ford’s interest in partnering with Tesla on this front and affirmed the Tesla team’s intention to provide full support to Ford, ensuring that they are on equal footing at Tesla Superchargers. 

I can personally attest that in Texas there is plenty of room for more vehicles to charge at Buc-ee’s locations!


Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has gained attention for its flexibility and compatibility. Described as a purely electrical and mechanical interface, NACS remains agnostic to use case and communication protocol. 

This versatility makes it straightforward to adopt across different EV models. Notably, Tesla has made the design and specification files of the NACS available for download, actively engaging with relevant standards bodies to establish its charging connector as a potential public standard. 

This move reflects Tesla’s outstanding commitment to promoting interoperability and widespread adoption of charging infrastructure. 

Is the Tesla-Ford Partnership Revolutionizing EV Adoption and Sustainable Transport?

Yes! The partnership between Tesla and Ford signifies a huge stride towards accelerating EV adoption and promoting sustainable transport. 

Living in Texas, where pick-up trucks dominate the roads, I have firsthand experience that highlights the pressing need to accelerate the adoption of EVs.  I drive across Austin daily, and am surrounded by combustion engine cars and pick-up trucks.  Texas is known as Truck Country by some.  

I can’t help but reflect on the tremendous work required to transition to a more sustainable transportation system. In light of this, the announcement of the partnership between Tesla and Ford struck me as a brilliant move.

From my perspective, Tesla, with its exceptional engineering talent, is demonstrating philanthropy by sharing its expertise to support Ford and advance the cause of electrification. 

Tesla’s NACS offers a straightforward and potentially public standard that fosters compatibility and interoperability among different charging connectors. As these initiatives unfold, the future of electric mobility becomes increasingly promising, with shared efforts aimed at building a beautiful, greener and more sustainable economy. 

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Article by Gail Alfar, please credit accordingly. Images Courtesy Tesla, Inc. and Ford, Inc.